Jingle Jam 5K and Concert


  Saturday morning we will stage our first 5K run through the vineyard.  The weather looks brisk but you can’t beat the beauty of a brisk morning run through the vineyard.  

   Registration will begin on Sat. morning from 9:00-10:30 so lace on the running shoes and come out for some healthy exercise.  Following the run, stick around for a great Christmas concert performed by The Anthony Pierruccini Trio singing their Christmas album “Figgy Pudding” from 12:00-2:00.

      Come out and join us for a great time and some great music! 

End of Season Specials

Once again our season at the winery is running down.  We plan to remain open through Sat. Dec. 23 when we will close until reopening March 3, 2018.  For Christmas dinner we suggest one of our 3 wines that we are running our Dec. special on including Stainless Steel Chardonnay, Cab Franc or Cab Franc Rose’.  At 20% off, you may want to stock up and enjoy these wines all winter long.  

Another Holiday Special for Dec. 21, 22 & 23 is our warm, spice wine packs at 20% off.  Enjoy a warm glass by the fire on these cold nights!  

Stop by this weekend on Sat. From 12-2:00 for our Christmas concert by the Anthony Pierccini Trio.  They will play lots of great holiday favorites as well as some original music from their recent Christmas album Figgy Pudding.  Looking forward to a great show!


Mason Dixon Wine Trail in 1 Weeks

      Cassel Vineyards will participate in Wine Just Off the Vine for the first time this year. November 11-12 & 18-19 12:00-5:00 each day.  The event hosted by the York County Bussiness Burea and the Mason Dixon Wine Trail will showcase wineries throughout southcentral PA and central Maryland.  At Cassel Vineyards, ticketholders will taste our fresh Cab. Franc and Chardonnay juices and delicious soups that feature the same two wines as ingredients and for pairing.  They will also receive 5 samples of our best wines of their choice and a complimentary wine trail glass.

     Tickets for this 2 weekend event are available online through event bright at the link below


or at Cassel Vineyards on each day of the event.  


a view from our tasting/production room. 

a view from our tasting/production room. 

The Hard Work of Winemaking

After picking all the Cab Franc and Chambourcin in the last weekend, the process of wine-making began.  The first step, is the process of punching down the "cap" that rises to the top of the grape must as it ferments in the primary fermentation tanks.  Chris does a fine job of narration as he goes through the process.  Suffice it to say that this is a good workout and after 7-10 days we are relieved to transfer the wine into our press and ultimately into tanks and barrels for aging. 


2017 Vintage in the Tanks

  Hard to believe that its over!   After 5 weeks of crazy busy, we have our 2017 grapes in the tanks.  Every year we talk about what a crazy season it has been, and here I go again looking back and wondering how we made it.  A spring that started early but cool lead to a perfect, dry flowering and pollination.  The Summer was ridiculously wet with 8 inches more than average on the precipitation.  It seemed like it rained every Friday night for our Music in the Vines. Then one of the most active tropical seasons I can remember with each storm heading to our East or West.  August was crazy wet by PA standards but cleared up perfectly and got hot and dry just in time for harvest. It was perfect the way Harvey, Irmo and Lee found alternative tracks and left us baking in the sun. Our Reds have never looked, tested or tasted better and the quantity matched the quality.  It will be very interesting to see our wines in 2-3 years.



Thanks to everyone who helped us pick our grapes.  We can't wait to share the results with you next spring. 



Final Chance to Pick Tonight and Tomorrow!

   Our 2017 Harvest is coming down to the wire.  We have to beat the latest tropical storm coming up from the Gulf of Mexico so we are putting our final two red wines in the tanks this weekend.  Our last two picking events are being organized tonight from 7:00 to 9:00 as a moonlight picking party and tomorrow from 12:00 to 3:00 as our Sunday afternoon "we have to get this done before the storm hits!"  If you have time and want to enjoy a glass of wine with us while we pick, stop out, no experience necessary.


Friday, we picked the low wire Cabernet Franc and crushed and pressed the grapes to make our Cab Franc Rose'.  Thanks to all the volunteers from the LD 4 Diamonds committee for helping to make the picking a success.  We love your enthusiasm and share your passion 4TK. 


Tonight we plan to pick the Chambourcin under the light of a full Harvest Moon.  The moon rises at 8:10 and although there will be a beautiful moon, please bring a headlamp if you plan on helping us pick.  It should be a very relaxing and fun time.


This morning we had a great turnout to pick Cabernet Franc from the high wire on our Scott-Henry pruned vines.  The high wire grapes will go into making our premium Cab Franc, Cab Franc Reserve and Winner's Circle Reserve.  The grapes were beautiful and we had a great turnout of volunteers who enjoyed their extended time in the vineyard.  Thanks to everyone who volunteered. 

Tonight and tomorrow we will finish off the Chambourcin.   Tonight 7-9:00 and Sunday 12:00 - 3:00 should be perfect to beat the rain!!   Lets hope so because we want to finish the last of our harvest in this warm, dry October which came at such a perfect time.  Help us if you can!

A Big Chardonnay Thank You

Thanks to our 30 volunteers who showed up to help pick our 5 tons of Chardonnay this morning.  The sun was shining and the grapes looked great.


We had such a nice group and enjoyed the perfect weather.  Nothing like sunshine and friendly people to make a monotonous job into a fun event.



The crew on the one side of the vines looked like a million dollars.  Thanks to everyone! 



And the other side of the row was just as impressive in a different way.  These guys got the work done. Thanks giys!

Thanks to everyone and looking forward to our next harvest of Vidal Blanc.