PA Farm Show

      Here we go, starting our New Year with a bang.  The 2019 Wine and Cider Awards at the Farm show was very memorable.  We started with the wines and enjoyed a great show with 7 medals for 7 entries.  The highlights were the gold medal for Winners Circle White, silvers for Cab Franc Reserve 2015 and Winners Circle Red.  Also, Lee, Elliot and Colton captured a Silver with their Apple Pie Hard Cider in the Spiced Cider Category.

     We will be serving and selling our wine in booth # 6 at theFarm Show this Friday and Saturday Jan. 11 & 12!  Visit us to try out all of our award winners!


Our Gold Medal Winners Circle White on display.



Accepting the medals for the Cassel Vineyards Entries. 



Our winners list. 7 out of 7. 




Elliot receives the 2nd place ribbon for our Nextgen cidery’s Apple Pie Cider

Closed for the Winter


Well it’s that time of the year again!  What a crazy year of weather but thanks to all our amazing friends and customers we managed to get through it together.  Next year’s wines will reflect some interesting changes as a result of this year’s harvest.  We hope you will return to try our newest offerings as well as our tried, tested and true wines.  

We plan to re-open on Saturday, March 2, 2019, but our new wines will not be bottled and labeled until mid-March.  We look forward to seeing everyone in the Spring!  Meanwhile you can find our wine at our online web store and in Redner’s Markets in Palmyra and Fredrickburg.   

One other opportunity to see us will be at the PA Farm Show on January 11 & 12.  We will have both our wines and ciders which were recognized in the Farm Show Wine and Cider Competitions with 10 entries garnering 10 medals.  A perfect start to our 2019 year.

Hope you have a great winter and thank you for enjoying Cassel Vineyards wines.   See you in 2019 and Happy New Year!

A Custom Christmas Idea

  Check out the new, personalized custom Christmas Bottle ribbons.  This Sat. Anita will be at the vineyard tasting room to make customized Christmas Ribbons for gifts or for your personalized bottle of wine.    These ribbons look amazing on our wine bottles and there are customized colors and prints so that you can have them for Christmas gift giving. 

    Stop by this Sat. between 12 and 6:00 to see these cool gift ideas!

Ribbon picture for Christmas.jpg

12 Wines of Christmas

In CASE you missed it, Cassel Vineyards is offering a special sale this Holiday season on 12 of our favorite holiday wines! 

Join us to Celebrate with our 12 Wines of Christmas Special 

Enjoy a new bottle of wine each day for the 12 days of Christmas!  We call it our 12 Wines of Christmas Special.  Our family has selected 12 of our favorites including: Sweet- Concord, Red Silks Rose, Peach and Honey and Strawberry; Semi-Sweet- Vidal Blanc Semi, Cab Franc Rose', Homestretch Red and Dry Winner Circle Red and White, Chambourcin, Chardonnay and Port- Chocolate Port for you and your family to enjoy a new wine experience each day for the 12 days of Christmas.  We offer this mixed case at a 20% discount and to give you some variety and fun to mix into your Christmas traditions!  Stop by and ask about this special $160.27 gives you 12 days of Christmas drinking pleasure!



Wine Trail Season

Well, we just finished our first wine trail of the season and I wanted to shares some of the winning entries with my readers. The following pictures are top to bottom, the 1, 2 and 3d place pumpkins that were decorated by our Lower Dauphin art students and judged by the participants in our Hershey Harrisburg Wine Country Cornucopia Wine Quest. The wine trail event occurs over the 3 weeks between leading up to Halloween and participants have 3 weekends to travel to the 13 wineries that participate to receive free tastings, a 10% discount off purchase and a chance to judge our pumpkin decorating contest.

Now we have 1 week off in order to prepare for our next wine trail hosted by the Mason-Dixon Wine Trail and York County. For the Mason-Dixon Wine trail the theme is Wine Just Off the Vines. Here wineries are urged to offer tasting of our latest vintage that is still in the tanks so that visitors can judge the quality of the recent harvest and explore the possibilities of next year’s vintages. Furthermore, each vineyard is urged to offer a food pairing with their wine so that visitors can more fully appreciate wine and food pairings and the complimentary effect of different styles of wine paired with various foods.

For the Mason-Dixon wine trail, we are happy to prepare various fall soup recipes which we have prepared with our recently harvested Cassel Vineyard wines. This year we plan to serve up a Cab Franc French Onion Soup and a Chardonnay Chicken Corn Soup. The new wines will also be sampled but this year’s harvest may need some stylistic adjustment before we can appreciate it’s full potential. We hope you come out to join the wine trail and participate in our celebration of the harvest for the next two weeks. The weather looks great and we’ll have plenty of wine to share with everyone.


Mulled Cider- Tis the Season


Fall has arrived a little late this year. We have finished the harvest and begun the wine trails here at the vineyard. For anyone not familiar with the wine trail season, we entertain guests who have purchased tickets through one of our local wine trail groups. Those guests have 2 or 3 weekends to complete their tours and tastings through 9-12 wineries that participate in each of the trail events. The next three weeks are the fall Cornucopia Quest for the Hershey/Harrisburg Wine Country Trail. For $20 each or $35 per couple, you can get a tasting from all of the 12 participating wineries and participate in the fall harvest themed activities. We have decided to mix up warm mulled cider and have our guests judge the pumpkins which have been decorated by our Lower Dauphin High School Art students.

The weekends in November (10-11 & 17,18) are our chance to participate in the Mason Dixon Wine Trail’s tour of Wine Just off the Vine. During this event, we will mix more of our spiced, mulled cider and serve it along with our wine tastings and some delicious home prepared soups. This year we plan to serve a Cab Franc French Onion Soup and a Chardonnay Chicken Corn Soup. We really enjoy meeting new people and showcasing our wines, ciders and the beauty of our vineyard to anyone who wants to purchase a ticket and stop in. The mulled cider has already been a big hit so if you want to try some, stop in and enjoy your wine trail experience.

Harvest 2018 Complete

Well, its over for another year! We are very excited to say that our wines are in the tank and safe from the weather after a challenging growing season. Our American grapes and Hybrid grapes weathered the storm well. We are fortunate in the fact that we have grapes to harvest and many of our local neighbors were unable to harvest anything. It will be interesting to see what types of wines other grower/producers are able to make out of the fruit which they harvested.

When you stop by next year, expect the new wines to have a crisp taste with high acids and refreshing, fruity styles. We will be using some different yeasts and blending some new combinations to make up for some of the varieties that didn’t fare as well in the cool, wet weather. It will make for a very interesting season next year and we look forward to the changes in our tasting card.

Ultimately, we are just breathing a sigh of relief that now, things are back under our control and we don’t have to count on the weather.


A Weekend to Celebrate

Fall is in the air and it is time to celebrate! This weekend marks the end of our 2018 Harvest with the last grapes going into the tanks on Saturday. We plan to pick Chambourcin from 9:00-1:00 followed by a huge party! The celebration will include fresh pressed juice and roast leg of venison, Chambourcin wine with potatoes, and apple sauce.

Friday and Saturday evenings we wrap up our Music in the Vines 2018 Summer Concert series with The Wave (Friday) and Jack Roberts (Saturday) as they play some great music and we dance into the evening. We’ll light the tiki torches and whip us some fall beverages (spiced wine and pumpkin spiced cider slushys). The weather looks like it is going to cooperate with sunshine and blue skies. Come out and enjoy the crisp fall air and a glass of wine to sip while the sun sets.

Our family always looks forward to the fall harvest and the celebration of everything that we grow here at Cassel Vineyards. We enjoy sharing our celebration and hope you can come out to enjoy it with us while enjoying a little music and some great wine at the same time.

Hope to see you this weekend.


Coast to Coast with Cassel Vineyards Wine!

   A huge congratulations and thank you to our friend Dylan "Pickle" Tonkin who just finished the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) with a celebration of Cassel Vineyards Finish Line Red at the final mile #2652.  Dylan has completed both the Appalachian Trail (AT) in 2016 and the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018 while carrying our wines to the finish.  We may be the only winery in the world with this distinction as our claim to fame! 

    According to Dylan's posts and pictures, on Facebook @Dylan Tonkin, our Chambourcin was the wine of choice after 2190.9 miles from Springer Mountain, GA to Baxter Mountain,  Katahdin, ME.  The second hike from Campo, CA to the Canadian Border, WA paired well with our Finish Line Red!  We are so happy to have been a part of this amazing hike and to be able to say that we are enjoyed from Coast to Coast both North, South, East and West! 

   Congratulations Dylan and we can't wait to hear about your next great adventure... Getting Married on Oct. 12, 2019.  What wine are you going to drink to celebrate that epic event? 

Finishing the AT.jpg
Chamb on AT.jpg