Love Our Wine, Join Our Family with Nadine’s Tasting Recommendation

  If you have not tried our Homestretch Red this year, do yourself a favor and give it a sip this Spring.  It is amazing what has occured in the bottle while this wine has rested through the winter months.  Nadine hits the mark with her highlights an I hope youget a chance to stop by and give this wine a try sometime soon.  This weekend would be a great opportunity as we host our second annual Preakness Part.  Stop out and see if Justify wins the second jewel of the Triple Crown.  Enjoy a frozen Black-eyed Susan and some delicious Maryland Crabs from Grappling Crab Shack while listening to live music by The SUM.  Visit our event calendar at for all the upcoming events and do yourself a favor, try the Homestretch Red!

Sparkling Cider Release Party May 12-13 - Next Generation Ciders

Here we are starting another season at Cassel Vineyards and celebrating our lives in so many ways.  This weekend, we will host a cider celebration to introduce the 3 ciders that Lee, Elliot and Colton produced this past Fall.  It all began last season when we purchased 60 gallons of cider that the boys wanted to craft into some interesting ciders which we decided to sell from the kegs on draft.  We never anticipated the rave reviews and the customers who returned after drinking our ciders.  One self-professed cider fan from Colorado commented that their ciders were so unique and well made that she wanted to take a few bottles home with her.  Unfortunately, we were not able to bottle any of our ciders last year.

Now, this season the boys had bigger plans as I purchased 200 gallons for each and they tried to replicate the same ciders they made last year on a commercial scale.  The three flavors are Apple Pie, English Apple and Dry Hopped IPA cider.  Each son put his own unique stamp on their blend of gala, granny smith and pink lady apple juice.  Lee used English cider yeast finished with English Breakfast tea and lime juice.  Colton used the same yeast but finished his with all the ingredients in apple pie including cinnamon and caramel.  Elliot used an English Ale Yeast and hopped the final cider with Saaz Czechoslovakian Hops and Glacier Hops.  The three ciders are one of a kind and we bottled them in 22 oz. bottles for $12 each.  You can also get a flight of 3 in 6 oz. portions for $15.  We think you'll enjoy our samples.

This week will be the only time that we will offer 1 oz. samples of the three ciders as an addition to each $5 wine tasting.  We hope you'll come celebrate the release of these wonderful new creations and stay and sip one while the sun shines on the green grass and spring comes to the vineyard.

IMG_0880 (003).jpg

Pruning Complete, Bring on the Sunshine


A look down the just-pruned Cab Franc vines.  With the help of my crew, we finished up all the pruning, tie down and installed post extensions to take care of the vines until the first shoots begin to grow.  Buds are swollen and ready to pop.  Hopefully, everything will stay warm and mild starting tomorrow.  Hope you can come by this weekend to take a strolldown the beautifully manicured rows and appreciate the start of their new season.

Where Does the Honey Come From?

We keep 5  beehives at Cassel Vineyards of Hershey.  Dad, Mom and Chris do the heavy, hard, sometimes painful work of caring for the bees.  We sell most of the honey in our tasting room but Save just enough for my Peach and Honey wine. The final product this year was delicious. Come out this Saturday and Sunday as we release our new 2017 vintage for the first time.  We can let you try both of the vintages if you get there early on Sat., but because we only have 4 bottles of 2016 left it won’t last long.  Theae videos were taped last week as Chris and Dad prepared this Summers hives for the upcoming peach and honey season!

First Step is placing the bees in the hive.


Then release the Queen bee so she begins to produce more worker bees


Stop out this weekend to enjoy some delicious honey and wine all in the same bottle!  #sunshineinabottle

Love our Peach Wine (and Peach wine drinks) Enjoy our Family

  If you like sweet wine, I have just what you crave.  This Sat., April 28, we will release this year’s version of our Peach and Honey Wine.  This wine/mead is made from a combination of fresh, locally sourced peaches from Stites Orchard and our own Cassel Vineyards Honey.  We enjoy this wine on a warm spring or summer evening with a frozen slice of peaches in my glass.  Or try to make the peach wine into a delicious white sangria by just adding a splash or two of carbonated fruit soda.  The peach wine has appeared on our tasting list for all 10 years of our existence.  I have actually been making this peach and honey wine since my wife and I honeymooned in Europe.  Stop by and I can tell you the whole story if you want to hear it.  Stop by on Sat. to try our wines and we'll give you a free sample of our peach wine and the drinks I've been telling you about.

Done Pruning for the Spring, Lets Celebrate!


     Time to celebrate!  The weather this weekend is going to be perfect and we are done pruning vines.  Here is a view of the vineyard after we finished the final pruning cuts for the Spring of 2018.  As usual, it was the last day of pruning and the weather finally became enjoyable.  It looks like we finished just in time for the 80 degree weather on Saturday.  After 6000 vines, I enjoy looking back on the season.  We started pruning in mid-February with 5 student workers who helped me work through snow, rain, sleet, cold, wind and mud.  Thanks to Zack, Logan, Jenna, Evan and Topher for helping me through all the work and bad weather.  Thanks guys you did a great job!  Now we can start concentrating on planting and prepping for the upcoming growing season.  Stop by this weekend and take a look at the beauty of the vineyard is Spring.

A Maine Easter

 Maine Easter Dinner 2018

Maine Easter Dinner 2018

Becky, Avery and I enjoyed the Easter holiday in Maine this past weekend.  What a great, short trip.  We enjoyed the snow sports, maple syrup and Maine foods.  Lobster and Winners Circle White was a very different and delicious Easter Dinner.  Our family does love our Honey Smoked Easter Ham and Concord wine, but this years celebration was deliciously differen.

.  In Maine, the sun shone for 3 days and it began to snow when we left for home.  We have to trust that Spring is coming soon.  I do feel better now, after being in the north with 4 feet of snow. But with the pruning complete, we will welcome Spring whenever it comes!