And The Seasons Change

When you work in our vineyard, it is impossible to overlook the change of seasons.  Today we experienced our first real snow of the season.  Although our pruning is well underway, we are also busy making our wine in the production facility.  It is so misleading today when you go to the grocery store and see bananas, pineapples and tomatoes even as the snow flies in the vineyard.  Here at Cassel Vineyards we keep our hand on the pulse of the changing seasons.  It's exciting to make our wine from the grapes which we grow in the vineyard.  As the winter passes and our wine rests and tranform in the tanks we choose to let the time and changing seasons impart their changes to the wine.  There are so many modern products which winemakers use to speed things up and transform their wines and hurry them into the bottle so they can maximize the turnover and profits from their product.  

      I can't imagine why anyone would want to change the seasons by hurrying their wines out of the tanks and into the bottle.  The weather will change soon enough, and so will our wines.  Time is our friend and the changing seasons just continue to make our wines better.  The days are getting longer and this Spring will bring our wines to bottle.  Soon, our new 2014 vintage will be available in our fruit and white and rose' wines in the tasting room.  The Summer will bring our concerts and long warm days to sip cool rose' or crisp white as we prune and prepare for our next harvest.  The seasons change and we here at Cassel Vineyards choose to live within the seasons and not hurry them along. Come out and enjoy us on March 14 as we watch the seasons change to Spring in our vineyards.

dave vander VeldenComment