Here We Go Again

Photo by Rachel Kupp

Photo by Rachel Kupp

   Another Season begins at Cassel Vineyards today at 12:00 PM.  The picture above shows all our new wines for this year including our new Cabernet Franc rose' and 5 other new vintages that were sold out last year.  This year our selection includes the return of Peaches and Honey 2014, Finish Line Red 2014, Winners Circle Red 2013, Red Silks rose' 2014, and Run for the Roses Sparkling Chambourcin 2013.  Since the last two vintage years at our vineyard were outstanding with great growing and ripening conditions, we think you will notice a very nice improvement in our wine quality.  Harvest vary from year to year and we have been fortunate to have two great harvests in a row.  Each of our wines has a story to tell.  Unlike so many  wineries that buy their juice or young wines in from large producers elsewhere in the state,  we pride ourselves in being able to tell you more about each type of fruit and each grape than most people would care to know. 

   This year's Peaches and Honey came from fruit picked last year in Lancaster County called Johnboy peaches.  The peach is an exceptional juicy and fragrant peach and the ones that our grower picked for us were magnificent.  Those peaches were fermented and sweetened with alfalfa honey which preserved the smell and flavor of the peaches by sweetening and not masking.  We think you will find this vintage exceptional and if you want to hear my story about how I came upon the recipe for Peaches and Honey Meade in the south of France I love to share that story too. 

  Our new Winners Circle Red 2012 is one of our finest dry, red wines ever.  All the start aligned to provide us with some of the most exceptional fruit and we just happened to stumble on some amazing French Oak barrels that from Opus.  We payed a little more for these used 1 time for California Cabernet Sauvignon.  These lightly toasted barrels smelled amazing.   We blended our Estate grown grapes in the barrel and aged them for 2 years before bottling in March.  The result is an amazing wine to enjoy with dinner. 

     The new Red Silks rose' 2013 will once again sell out at our Summer concert series because it is also blended and bottled using our estate grown grapes.  The resulting fruity, juicy taste is truly the essence of a warm summer afternoon.

    Stop by today to hear more or wait for my next blog and I will continue to run down our new wines for 2015.

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