Our Babies are Growing Up So Fast

I just can't believe how fast our babies are growing up.  If I heard that once, I've heard it a million times.  Most of the time it is people talking about their children but here @Cassel Vineyard, we are talking about our baby horses.  These little guys are really stretching their legs and getting around.  Just this past weekend, several tables full of guests were treated to the mares and foals galloping around the pasture testing out their legs and appearing to have a great time.  I can't project my thoughts to an animal's mind, but it looked like the mothers were trying to get a little of the excess energy out of their kids before they drove them up the wall. 

The days are getting longer and we are really enjoying the sunshine.  It looks like the baby horses enjoy lounging in the sun as much as we do because every time I turn around they are laying down fully stretched out to maximize the solar energy they can collect.  It is such a treat to take a few minutes from my busy day just to sit back and watch these beautiful animals enjoying the sunshine and green grass and learning about the world that they are surrounded by.

Craig CasselComment