A Great Summer BBQ Recipe Paired with Cab Franc Rose'

Featured Wine Cabernet Franc Rose

Out Featured recipe for today is barbeque sauce.  This is the best BBQ sauce you have ever tasted.  Once you make it, you will never go back to any other sauce you have ever had.

You can make this batch and can it in 8 pint jars.  Keep one for today and process the 7 for 20 min on a low soft boil.  Just put those 7 jars in a box in your pantry and you are ready for summer fun.  Double the batch and can 16 pint for double the fun!

We would pare the Cabernet Franc Rose with all your BBQ recipes.  The slightly sweet tastes are almost like a California Zinfandel.  This wine has the right to take on any hearty spare rib cut. 


Barbeque Sauce Recipe

Time – 20 Minutes

1 T. mince garlic

1 t. pepper

2/3 c. mustard (or less)

¼ c. Worcestershire sauce

2 t. liquid smoke (optional)

2 quarts ketchup

3 c. brown sugar

1 ½ c. white sugar

2 c. honey

2 c. molasses

2 t. salt




Coffee Marinated Pork Chops

2 c. coffee

1 c. molasses

4 T. Dijon Mustard

½ t. garlic powder

1 t. salt

½ t. pepper

½ t. fresh thyme

½ t. ground ginger

4 Bone in pork chops cut thick

Pour over chops.  Marinate 4-5 hours.  Grill chops 15-20 min.  Brush to keep moist.

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