2014 Chardonnay Release


We are very excited to release our new 2014 Estate Chardonnay @CasselVineyards of Hershey.  This new vintage will resemble the 2013 edition in that it is also stainless steel fermented and aged. It is bursting with delicious fruits but it has a little less of the zip in the finish.  We liked it so much that we split the batch in half and aged 170 gallons on medium toasted Frenc Oak for 3 months to give the wine a more classic Burgundy-style finish.   

      The oaked Chardonnay edition was just bottled and is almost ready but due to a little bottle shock it may need a few weeks of rest before drinking.  This is our first vintage of oaked, malolactic fermented Chardonnay so let us know what you think! 

Craig CasselComment