Happy Beaujolais Neauveau Day


Its that time again, the third Thursday in November always marks the release of the new year's vintage in France.  Today was the first official release and tasting of the year.  As usual, our grapes are all picked and the wines are settling down to spend the winter resting in their tanks.  We picked and pressed the Late Harvest Vidal this past Monday, so that is one more harvest in the books.

  Our first take on the new French vintage was a reserved appreciation for a unique taste.  This year's Gamay has more body and less fruit.  It will be great with Thanksgiving Turkey and Cranberry stuffing but I will not choose it for my first choice of red wines.   

   It will be interesting to see how our wine develop and compare to the French grapes from 1/2 a world away.  Hopefully it is going to be a great year because our crop was very generous this year. 

Craig CasselComment