Bottling Done and Ready to Open!

  Wow, 37,500 bottles of wine in 2 days.  What a crazy weekend.   We spent 2 long days with some of our best friends, family, fans and the Hunter Bottling Company as we put our 20 new wines into bottles for next week's Grand Reopening. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it all happen.  This year the Messiah College Wrestling team volunteered their services for two days!  Thanks guys, you were amazing. 

The new truck and bottling crew. 

The new truck and bottling crew. 

   We were a little cold and tired at the end of each day but the kids and company made the hours slip by and run smoothly.  It was great working with Jeremy, Justin and Carl (bottling technicians from Hunter Bottling). Thanks for your amazing bottling line and knowledge to solve all our problems.   

      When it was all over, we were talking about how just 7 years ago we were bottling 350 gallons by hand in our little garage/winery.  What a story.  Hope you can stop by this Summer to try some of out estate grown wines fresh from our vines! 

Craig CasselComment