Tomorrow's New Releases


    The time has arrived to introduce our new releases for tomorrow's Grand Re-opening at Cassel Vineyards.  Here they are from left to right, Peach and Honey, Blush, Niagara, Strawberry, Finish Line Red, Winners Circle White, Cabernet Franc Rose' and Finish Line White.  For anyone not familiar with our vineyard, we produce locally grown wines with nearly everything grown in our vineyard.  As a result, our production is relatively low and we sell out of nearly all our wines by Christmas when we close to make more.  This past growing season was very productive and we are releasing quite a few new wines to replace wines that have sold out.  All of your favorites will return this year! 

    Our Winners Circle White Blend is an amazing dry white wine which we think will appeal to anyone who is looking for a nice dry wine to pair with dinner or sip on the patio after work.  Our Finish Line Red and Finish Line White are amazing this year due to the excellent fall ripening which the grapes experienced last year.  If you like our Blush (Steuben Rose'), you are in for a treat.  We believe this may be the best wine we have made since 3 years ago when it won the Best of Show in the PA farm Show Wine Competition.  Likewise, our new Cab Franc Rose' is a delightful wine with a little more body and tannin this year than last year.  Strawberry and Peaches and Honey are going to sell out quickly because of their local popularity.  Finally, our sweet Niagara will continue to be a crowd favorite to our regular customers. 

     If you have never tried our wines, this is a great year to stop by and sample.  This may be the best grown vintage in many years as our vines continue to grow older and the weather continues to cooperate with our pruning, picking and pressing scheudule.  If you are a returning customer, take this opportunity to try our new releases and remember that we will continue to release new wines from our 2015 vintage for many weeks to come.  It is an exciting time to stop by and sample and we look forward to seeing you soon.  Our tasting room is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12-6:00 PM.  Hope to see you soon.

Craig CasselComment