Chocolate and Wine Pairing (Free)


  Stop out if you would like to try some chocolate and wine pairing this Sunday between 12 and 6:00 at Cassel Vineyards. We will provide 4 free selections of chocolate to try with your wine paid ($3) wine tasting.  You can then come up with your favorite combinations.  The fun is to come up with combinations that compliment both the chocolate and the wine.  If you come across a particular combination that tastes amazing, please let us know because we plan on offering several recommended pairing to our visitors each weekend in May as a part of our Hershey/Harrisburg Wine Trail's Spring Sensations Wine Pairing Experience.

    We had a very fun Chocolate, Cheese and Wine tasting at the Hershey Country Club last Sunday.  The benefit was held for the Accessibility to All campaign for All Saints Church in Hershey.  84 people turned out to sample chocolate, cheese and Cassel Vineyard wines and cast their votes using an interactive polling application.  The results were interesting and very fun.  You can view them all here in their respective links.  Chocolate and Chambourcin Chocolate and Blush  Choc. and Chardonnay  Choc. and Finish Line Red  Cheese and Chambourcin  Cheese and Blush  Cheese and Chardonnay  Cheese and Finish Line Red

  Some of the general rules of the chocolate wine pairing experience are to pair the dark chocolates with red wine (darker and deeper chocolate requires drier and darker wine to balance one another) milk chocolates can go either way (dry, full flavored whites or lightly sweetened whites and rose' or sweet and semi-sweet red and fruit wines) while white chocolate often requires very sweet white or a very sweet port to balance out the sweet on sweet experience.  Come out and give it a try and see what you come out with this Sunday from noon-6:00 PM.

Craig CasselComment