Winter Barrel Tasting


   Yesterday we took 375 ml. Samples from all of our French Oak Barrels to test their quality.  This year we aged 32 barrels of wine for 12 months and 2 barrels for 24 months.  The results are always quite remarkable as we learn to identify the subtle differences between barrels, yeasts, wines and finishes.  Looking at the finished products in each of our 2015 vintage barrels allows us to blend and finish our bottling before we begin to focus on our 2016 vintage.

   We think you will be very happy with the results from our recent samples.  We are still discussing what the finished products will become.  At this point we know there will be Winners Circle Red and Winners Circle Reserve along with our Ruby Royal, Chocolate Ruby Port and varietals of both 2015 Chambourcin and Cab Franc.  There may also be a suprise in the making. 

  We will retire some of our barrels and they have already been sold to Tattered Flag Distillery and Brewery in Middletown for use as aging vessels for their sour beers and other brewery/distillery products.  Its a pretty exciting proposal as we find yet another niche in the new laws of the commonwealth to share our wine  with beer, and liquor drinkers.

  Both Tattered Flag Distillery and Evergrain Brewery are selling our wine very successfully.  Its a great way to grow together.  

Craig CasselComment