Final Chance to Pick Tonight and Tomorrow!

   Our 2017 Harvest is coming down to the wire.  We have to beat the latest tropical storm coming up from the Gulf of Mexico so we are putting our final two red wines in the tanks this weekend.  Our last two picking events are being organized tonight from 7:00 to 9:00 as a moonlight picking party and tomorrow from 12:00 to 3:00 as our Sunday afternoon "we have to get this done before the storm hits!"  If you have time and want to enjoy a glass of wine with us while we pick, stop out, no experience necessary.


Friday, we picked the low wire Cabernet Franc and crushed and pressed the grapes to make our Cab Franc Rose'.  Thanks to all the volunteers from the LD 4 Diamonds committee for helping to make the picking a success.  We love your enthusiasm and share your passion 4TK. 


Tonight we plan to pick the Chambourcin under the light of a full Harvest Moon.  The moon rises at 8:10 and although there will be a beautiful moon, please bring a headlamp if you plan on helping us pick.  It should be a very relaxing and fun time.


This morning we had a great turnout to pick Cabernet Franc from the high wire on our Scott-Henry pruned vines.  The high wire grapes will go into making our premium Cab Franc, Cab Franc Reserve and Winner's Circle Reserve.  The grapes were beautiful and we had a great turnout of volunteers who enjoyed their extended time in the vineyard.  Thanks to everyone who volunteered. 

Tonight and tomorrow we will finish off the Chambourcin.   Tonight 7-9:00 and Sunday 12:00 - 3:00 should be perfect to beat the rain!!   Lets hope so because we want to finish the last of our harvest in this warm, dry October which came at such a perfect time.  Help us if you can!

Craig CasselComment