2017 Vintage in the Tanks

  Hard to believe that its over!   After 5 weeks of crazy busy, we have our 2017 grapes in the tanks.  Every year we talk about what a crazy season it has been, and here I go again looking back and wondering how we made it.  A spring that started early but cool lead to a perfect, dry flowering and pollination.  The Summer was ridiculously wet with 8 inches more than average on the precipitation.  It seemed like it rained every Friday night for our Music in the Vines. Then one of the most active tropical seasons I can remember with each storm heading to our East or West.  August was crazy wet by PA standards but cleared up perfectly and got hot and dry just in time for harvest. It was perfect the way Harvey, Irmo and Lee found alternative tracks and left us baking in the sun. Our Reds have never looked, tested or tasted better and the quantity matched the quality.  It will be very interesting to see our wines in 2-3 years.



Thanks to everyone who helped us pick our grapes.  We can't wait to share the results with you next spring. 


Craig CasselComment