Easter Egg Hunt (Adults Only!) Sat. April 8, 12-3:00

I hope you can come out to Cassel Vineyards for our Sat. April 8, 12:00-3:00 Adult Easter Egg Hunt in the Vineyard.  I was going back over the last few years notes about the egg hunt in order to staff and execute the event properly and found that I had quite a trove of bunny pictures to share with my readers.  Our Adult Egg hunt is for kids over the age of 21 who want to act like children again.  I began my promotion of this event with pictures of cute, fuzzy little bunnies which I think most people will agree are pretty adorable.


Those little bunnies are some of the Havana rabbits which we sometimes bring to the vineyard for kids and adults to pet and hold.  They are also the bunnies I like to imagine hopping down the rows of vines hiding eggs for our visitors when they come out this Saturday.  The Havana rabbits grow up to be about 5 lbs and the picture below shows an adult, black phase Havana posing with an Easter basket.


Because it is Spring and Easter, I couldn't help but notice this pair of rabbits in a magazine.  I know they are supposed to increase the likelihood of me purchasing the wine that they are drinking in this advertisement for Cote' de Rhone Wine but I can't help but think it is just a little too weird.  I can't imagine why someone thought this ad campaign was a good idea.  These are not the rabbits we want hopping in our vineyard.

And then there is this.  I snapped this picture in the mall the other day.  Is this really what Easter has become to some people?  I watched as parents brought their children to this hideous looking creature for a photo of their child with the Easter Bunny.  I am glad to report that several children screamed and refused to let the Bunny-man Creature touch them.  This creature actually frightened me and I am an adult!  We definitely will not let anyone who looks like this near our vineyard this weekend. 

Hope you can make it out for out Spring Easter Egg hunt. 

Craig CasselComment