Pruning in the Spring

Today is the last day of our Winter-Spring pruning in the vineyard. This weekend, guests will be able to enjoy a beautiful view of perfectly manicured vines eagerly awaiting the spring showers and sunshine.  It's hard to believe I was just paniced 2 1/2 weeks ago when we got slammed with 16" of snow in the middle of our work.


Thanks to the work from my crew of dedicated workers, we are almost done.  In celebration, we plan to have a cookout tonight after the last vine is pruned.  It won' suprise anyone when I tell you the vines will be roasted over a fire fueled with grapevine trimmings.  Nothing tastes quite as good as grapevine smoked burgers after completing a job that took several months. 


Next week, we open the vineyard to visitors during our 4th annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt.  Lets hope the weather continues to het warmer and we don't see a return of any freezing temperatures.

Craig CasselComment