Almost Ready to Open

     Well, its that time of year, our storage room is almost empty and our production room is packed to the roof.  March is our transition month.  We plan to open on March 25 and 26th to release our new wines and celebrate our new vintage.  The French call their premier  Beaujolais nouveau! 

  If you want to stop by and try our new wines, March 25 or 26 th would be a great weekend to stop by.  We are providing a free tasting of 5 wines for anyone who buys a bottle or more.  That's a free $5 tasting and samples of our 5 new wines or a taste of our 16 wines from last year. 


Our empty storage room.  Cases of empty bottles line the wall ready to be filled next week. 



Our production room with 6000 gallons of new wine wsiting to be bottled! 

Craig CasselComment