Summer Concert Schedule

     If you have not had time to stop by our tasting room to pick up our Summer Concert Schedule, I am going to pass it on to you here.  We are looking at an amazing summer of entertainment.  Our general plan is to provide bands on Friday night and solo acoustic acts on Saturday from 4-6:00.  Note that there are 3 Sat. concerts that we have reserved for charity fundraising events.  If you plan to come on those evenings, you will need a ticket to eat the catered meal.  Download a PDF of our schedule HERE.  To read a little about each of the bands and review the food truck schedule you can check out our schedule online at

     We are also setting up a schedule for serving Hard Cider on Thurs. and Friday nights with the beer from Evergrain Brewing Company on Saturday and Sunday.  Today we kicked off the Spring Easter Egg hunt with two great beers from Evergrain.   The first was Camp Pils a delicious pilsner style beer and the second is Joosey Juice IPA a very tasty, extra hoppy IPA.      I wish I could announce the types of hard ciders we will be serving, but we are still hard at work crafting them to from the apple juice we purchased last November.  One of my favorite flavors is the dry hopped, English Ale style cider.  After 5 days of our custom grown Glacierand Saaz hops.  This combination gives a citrus essence with a crisp, earthy flavor.  Our hops were grown in a recovered block of downtown Detroit.  After several days of dry hopping, we will keg the cider and have it ready for serving in May.  We hope you can come out and taste it all in the next couple of weeks.   


Craig CasselComment