Grapes in Full Bloom


This is a picture of the Chardonnay Blooms that now cover the vines in the vineyard.



The vines have been pruned and look beautiful.  Yesterday evening we went for a walk with a group of friends through the vineyard and everyone was impressed with the amount of growth that is occurring in the last 5 days as the temperatures have soared.  The weather for this weekend is improving so you will be able to join us on Friday, Saturday or Sunday to take a walk in the vineyard.  This is a big time for the vineyard owner as we worry about the grapes pollinating and filling out their clusters in order for them to ripen for the fall harvest.  Things are looking great because the weather is forecast to be warm and dry throughout this critical period.  The last thing we need is a cool rainy stretch throughout this important time.  Stop by and enjoy the weather and the vineyard.  It looks great and the beauty is all around you.


Craig CasselComment