Vines Prepared for Final Push

It has been a very wet Summer here in the vineyard.  More than 7 inches of rain has kept the vegitation growing and given us a bumper crop of grapes.  Our vineyard workers have been working overtime to manage the canopy with the usual crop and leaf thinning and shoot pulling.  One thing that is a little different this year is the adjustment we have made in our Scott-Henry trellice system in our Cabernet Frac.  This is a vertical split which was fine while the vines were young but now with vines pushing 10 years old and crazy vegitative growth, we have added 2 foot post extensions to facilitate the crop ripening.  More vegetation increases the rate that sugars can be produced and ultimately stored in the fruit.  This picture shows the extended vine space at the top of each post.  Thanks to Lee and Elliot, the vines are perfectly manicured so you can appreciate the view of the extra vertical space.

Here are the 7 foot Cab Franc vines. 

Here are the 7 foot Cab Franc vines. 


Here are the normal height Vidal Blanc VSP.

Craig CasselComment