Bottles on the Shelf

    We are relieved and looking forward to the upcoming year with a full storeroom and empty tanks!  Last weekend we spent 2 days bottling, labeling and stacking all 5,500 gallons of our wine that we worked so hard to grow, pick and ferment in the past 6 months.  We had the assistance of a very dedicated crew and the expertise of Hunter Bottling Company.   It was a lot of work and stress but now that it is all safely tucked away, the feeling of accomplishment makes it all worth the while.  Following are some of the pictures that we took while we worked through the two days of bottling. 
      Now we hope that you can come out and enjoy the wine we worked so hard to grow, ferment and bottle.  Please check out our Spring Event Schedule so that you can pick a day to visit and learn about our family and the work we do that makes our wine so special.  Our Summer Concerts Schedule is much busier and better attended but if you are free they also offer the opportunity for you to visit.  Sometimes it is too busy to give individual tours but we will do everything possible to make you feel a part of our circle of friends and family.  You can watch this short video that begins to tell the story but to really understand our wine you have to be a part of the experience.

This video shows a brief overview of how we take the wine from tanks to bottles.  Please excuse the final 12 seconds.  I thought the video camera had been turned off!



Here is part of our family and crew.  Rachel, Kara, Drew and Jody all worked on the truck for 2 days.  Thanks guys, your work was very much appreciated!


Our ground crew did the heavy lifting.  Here Drew, Rick, Chris and Lee label the cases, then, stack and move the cases to our storage area.


This is our storage area with nearly 7,000 gallons of wine waiting for the enjoyment of our customers.  Hope you can come out and see why we are so excited to be done and ready for the upcoming season.  If you can't make it out the winery, you can also order our wine online at  or click this link HERE.

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