Work Goes On

    We continue to work through the spring despite the cold, damp weather as we finish pruning the vineyard.  We now have 2/3 of the vines complete with just Cab Franc and Concord left.  

     Speaking of Cab Franc, we are preparing to bottle our first Cab Franc reserve from our 2015 vintage.  We are planning a release party on April 21 and you don’t want to miss this wine.  2 years in oak and this wine is just about ready to be released.  I am sure you will like it.  See our Spring event schedule here so you don’t miss any of our fun events.



This weekend we are crossflow filtering all our white and rose’ wines in preparation for next weeks bottling.  I prepared this video to explain a little of the process.  Check it out and stop by to enjoy the results of our hard work in each of our bottles. 


Craig CasselComment