Love our Peach Wine (and Peach wine drinks) Enjoy our Family

  If you like sweet wine, I have just what you crave.  This Sat., April 28, we will release this year’s version of our Peach and Honey Wine.  This wine/mead is made from a combination of fresh, locally sourced peaches from Stites Orchard and our own Cassel Vineyards Honey.  We enjoy this wine on a warm spring or summer evening with a frozen slice of peaches in my glass.  Or try to make the peach wine into a delicious white sangria by just adding a splash or two of carbonated fruit soda.  The peach wine has appeared on our tasting list for all 10 years of our existence.  I have actually been making this peach and honey wine since my wife and I honeymooned in Europe.  Stop by and I can tell you the whole story if you want to hear it.  Stop by on Sat. to try our wines and we'll give you a free sample of our peach wine and the drinks I've been telling you about.

Craig CasselComment