Done Pruning for the Spring, Lets Celebrate!


     Time to celebrate!  The weather this weekend is going to be perfect and we are done pruning vines.  Here is a view of the vineyard after we finished the final pruning cuts for the Spring of 2018.  As usual, it was the last day of pruning and the weather finally became enjoyable.  It looks like we finished just in time for the 80 degree weather on Saturday.  After 6000 vines, I enjoy looking back on the season.  We started pruning in mid-February with 5 student workers who helped me work through snow, rain, sleet, cold, wind and mud.  Thanks to Zack, Logan, Jenna, Evan and Topher for helping me through all the work and bad weather.  Thanks guys you did a great job!  Now we can start concentrating on planting and prepping for the upcoming growing season.  Stop by this weekend and take a look at the beauty of the vineyard is Spring.

Craig CasselComment