Where Does the Honey Come From?

We keep 5  beehives at Cassel Vineyards of Hershey.  Dad, Mom and Chris do the heavy, hard, sometimes painful work of caring for the bees.  We sell most of the honey in our tasting room but Save just enough for my Peach and Honey wine. The final product this year was delicious. Come out this Saturday and Sunday as we release our new 2017 vintage for the first time.  We can let you try both of the vintages if you get there early on Sat., but because we only have 4 bottles of 2016 left it won’t last long.  Theae videos were taped last week as Chris and Dad prepared this Summers hives for the upcoming peach and honey season!

First Step is placing the bees in the hive.


Then release the Queen bee so she begins to produce more worker bees


Stop out this weekend to enjoy some delicious honey and wine all in the same bottle!  #sunshineinabottle

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