Sparkling Cider Release Party May 12-13 - Next Generation Ciders

Here we are starting another season at Cassel Vineyards and celebrating our lives in so many ways.  This weekend, we will host a cider celebration to introduce the 3 ciders that Lee, Elliot and Colton produced this past Fall.  It all began last season when we purchased 60 gallons of cider that the boys wanted to craft into some interesting ciders which we decided to sell from the kegs on draft.  We never anticipated the rave reviews and the customers who returned after drinking our ciders.  One self-professed cider fan from Colorado commented that their ciders were so unique and well made that she wanted to take a few bottles home with her.  Unfortunately, we were not able to bottle any of our ciders last year.

Now, this season the boys had bigger plans as I purchased 200 gallons for each and they tried to replicate the same ciders they made last year on a commercial scale.  The three flavors are Apple Pie, English Apple and Dry Hopped IPA cider.  Each son put his own unique stamp on their blend of gala, granny smith and pink lady apple juice.  Lee used English cider yeast finished with English Breakfast tea and lime juice.  Colton used the same yeast but finished his with all the ingredients in apple pie including cinnamon and caramel.  Elliot used an English Ale Yeast and hopped the final cider with Saaz Czechoslovakian Hops and Glacier Hops.  The three ciders are one of a kind and we bottled them in 22 oz. bottles for $12 each.  You can also get a flight of 3 in 6 oz. portions for $15.  We think you'll enjoy our samples.

This week will be the only time that we will offer 1 oz. samples of the three ciders as an addition to each $5 wine tasting.  We hope you'll come celebrate the release of these wonderful new creations and stay and sip one while the sun shines on the green grass and spring comes to the vineyard.

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