Vineyard at its Finest

      We are looking forward to some great music and food this weekend 6:00-8:30PM.  Fri. begins with Soulhouse playing some great dance cover songs accompanied by food provided by Grappling Crab and Roxy’s Chatterbox Cafe.  Sat. Features John Ribera along with Blazing Swine BBQ and Shreddrrz.  

    Stop by this weekend to see our vineyard and stay for some amazing music and food.  A walk in the vines showcases the hard work we put into growing some of the finest grapes in the world.  Our sons Lee, Elliot and Colton have really taken to their jobs as vineyard managers. This year they finished planting our full block of 300 Tremanette vines.  They have worked tirelessly, thinning shoots, training vines and maintaining the ground under the vines.  Things are looking great!


Craig CasselComment