A Hive of Activity at Cassel Vineyards

This week we had a sweet time at the vineyard.  We harvested and bottled about 150 pounds of honey straight from Dad, Mom  and Chris’ Vineyard hives.  All year long these bees work to pollinate the flowers and fruit in amile or two radius of our 7 hives.  Dad plants pollinator fields of buckwheat. Clover and sunflowers to help fill the hives with the honey we sell in the tasting room and use to craft our Peach and honey wine.  

  The honey began flying out the door on Saturday before the crew were finished with the bottling.  Come by and get some of your own sweet reward. This Spring honey is mostly a golden, clover honey and it tastes delicious.  It is all natural, and has all our local pollens to help your immune system to reduce your allergic reaction.  This is the natural antidote to congestion, allergies and sneezing. Get it while you can.


Craig CasselComment