91 Points


    When the Pa Wine Society chose our 2015 Cab Franc Reserve as one of the top 6 red wines in the state, we realized that our wines were getting closer to our goal of growing and making world class wines here in south-central PA.

    Now that we have entered that same wine in the Eastern International Wine Competition and received a gold medal and score of 91 points we realize that we are on the threshold of something great.  We know 91 is just a number, but as we work to learn how to improve and continue to gain confidence, we also realized that these grapes we grow and the wines we make from them are pretty special.  Our friends and customers are beginning to notice and there is a certain energy that makes us want to improve on that score.  We worked very hard this winter in our sensory evaluations and blending in an effort to improve upon this new standard we have set.

    We are all working together to achieve the same goal of excellence.  This year, our new 2016 Winners Circle Red Reserve is tasting great and our first attempt at our 2016 Chambourcin Reserve is pretty amazing too. Check out our new 2017 Vidal Fume Blanc Reserve when we release it in April as well.  The Vidal was aged in stainless steel and lightly toasted French oak then blended and bottled to retain its amazing aroma and flavors.  We are very excited for everyone to try our entire line of Reserve bottlings in the upcoming year.  Hope you can join us for the celebration of achieving this new benchmark.  

Craig CasselComment