Our Big Triple - 3 Tanks - 3 Wines - 3 Weekends

Let’s call it the Big Triple…our Cassel Vineyards Big Triple Tank Tour! We’ve chosen our three odds-on favorites. We’re betting on the 3 wines we grow and make better than anyone around, Vidal Blanc Semi-sweet, Red Silk’s Rose’, and Concord.

These 3 just may have won more awards for us than all of our other 19 wines combined. Together they have won a best of show for the Concord and multiple gold, silver and bronze medals for each of the 3 in the PA Farm Show Wine competition and the PA Wine Association Competition. So, we are giving you a sneak peek at what is in store for our next bottling. We are taking this opportunity to prep and serve these 3 wines straight out of the tanks so you can see what the future vintage will be when it goes into the bottles in 3 weeks.


3 of our most awarded wines…Vidal Blanc Semi, Red Silks Rose and Concord… These 3 bottles @ 30% off!!!


Samples from the tanks…. 3 weekends only!!!… Offer good only on 3 bottles and for 3 weekends.

For the opening weekend only, the 3 wines will be added to your list of 5 samples that you can try for free! Only on our opening weekend can you get free tastings and these 3 free tank samples. However, we will offer these 3 bottles to our customers in the tasting room for 30% off if you buy one each of all three. This offer is limited to your first 3 bottles only and only in the Big Triple Combination of Vidal Blanc Semi-Sweet, Red Silks Rose’ and Concord. So join us in the next 3 weekends and see what’s in our tanks. Enjoy a big triple sample and 30% off our 3 favorites that we are betting will be your 3 favorites too!

Craig CasselComment