Wine With a Sense of Place

If your a wine lover, you probably know the meaning of the word “terroir”. The French word does not translate well to our modern, industrialized, mechanized agricultural process. Terroir is a sense of place and time that a wine retains from it’s origins. A taste of where it was grown and the way it was handled. It also reflects the weather and the way the vines were cared for. When people were more in touch with the foods and wines they consumed, they knew that in some areas, plants and vines were better adapted to the soil and climate and produced better produce, grains and fruits. These concepts are all wrapped up in the one word terroir.

In modern agriculture we use other words like biodynamic, organic, and all-natural to help guide our consumers in choosing the right foods and products. I believe it is because we have lost that contact with the people, plants, animals and soils that produce our food. Most products are a combination of all the raw materials that a producer or processor can get at the best price. What I am trying to say is… our wine is different. There are very few places other than some Farm stands and Farmer’s Markets that you can visit and buy products that are produced on the site that they are grown and processed. At Cassel Vineyards of Hershey, you can do just that.

Cassel Vineyards wine is different, because we are producing a product that preserves itself in the bottle with a 12% ethyl alcohol mixture. Our wines can age gracefully and give our customers a chance to taste what was grown in our vineyard, by us, in the years between 2010 and 2018. This sense of place is what makes wine special if you get it from the right grower/producers. It can give you a taste of the people, plants, soil, weather and care that were wrapped up in the fruit that was picked and processed in that place and time. It’s a special way of sharing a part of our lives with our friends, family and customers and it can be pretty powerful.

You don’t have to speak a foreign language or pretend to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy good wine with us. Just stop out and give our wines a try. This week we will be bottling the latest harvest from last year’s grapes so we will be providing some new wines and some old favorites. Whatever your taste, from sweet to dry, red to white, we probably grow, produce and bottle something that will give you that sense of place that you can only get from an estate wine. I hope you can join us and give it a try.

Craig CasselComment