New Releases for 2019 Coming Soon!

We have chosen April 4, 5, 6 & 7 for our new releases! Now that the bottling is behind us and we are open and enjoying out 2019 season, we are excited to introduce everyone to our line of newly created wines and the re-release of some of our old favorites.

3 of the new wines are featured in these pictures including the Chambourcin Reserve, Fume’ Blanc Reserve (barrel aged Vidal Blanc) and Diamond Royale Port. But these are not the only fresh, new wines we are going to release! Since we were sold out of Finish Line Red and White, we will also release new editions of these wine in 2019. Additionally, the new Niagara and Vidal Blanc Dry were sold out in 2018 and have now been replaced with a new vintage.

If you’re one of those people who are looking forward to these wines as much as we are, there will be a special weekend celebration from April 4-7. We will introduce each of these new wines along with our new format for tasting at Cassel Vineyards.


In 2019 we have once again raised the bar by providing our customers with a Reserve Wine and Port tasting list. The usual tasting (Vintner’s Select Tasting) will be 5 samples for $5 from our usual list of Cassel Vineyards favorites. However, we have now elevated our Reserves and Port Wines to a special tasting experience which customers can add in addition to our usual tasting or experience as a stand alone experience. Since our reserve wines are now receiving state, national and international awards, we are excited to share them with you in our Reserve and Port Tasting format which will feature 3 wines of your choice from our Reserve and Port menu for $5. This additional tasting will allow our guests to concentrate their interest and experience in the areas which will provide them with the most enjoyment while allowing us to still provide our quality product to as many people as possible.


We hope you can join us for this special tasting release on the first weekend in April, or stop by as soon as you can to try our exciting new selections. The excitement and fun which comes with this initial tasting will be a lot of fun. Come and try just one or try all 7.

New Reserve Releases

Chambourcin Reserve

Fume’ Blanc (Vidal Blanc)

Diamond Royale Port

Re-released in 2019

Vidal Blanc Dry

Finish Line White


Finish Line Red

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