Last Honey, First Vines

 Our last 12 bottles of Cassel Vineyards honey just hit the shelf and will be gone soon until August.


    The renewal of life in the vineyard began this week with our Chardonnay vines.


    Well here we are at that time of the season again when life starts all over again.  The flowers are just starting to bloom so the bees are getting geared up for their Summer of honey production, but there is a 3 month lag between the honey stored for last winter and the new season’s crop.  So here it is, the last case of our Cassel Vineyards honey until Late July.  Get it now or wait until the bees complete their work.

     The vineyard pruning is complete and now it’s time to start training the vines to produce the best fruit that we can help them make.  Last year’s rain and humidity are behind us and we spent the entire winter and spring re-pruning the vines and getting rid of as much old wood as possible.  We hope this year will give us bright, sunny days and cool nights to fully ripen all our grapes to perfection.  So far things look great in the first week of the growing season.  Come out and stroll through the sunny rows and marvel at the renewal of life.  Hope to see you soon!

Craig CasselComment