Vines are in Bloom


This weeks warm weather caused the Chardonnay and Chambourcin vines to break open their blooms.  The vines have begun to pollinate and tiny grapes will soon begin to fill out the clusters.  We have been working to prune and train the vines on their trellis and despite the rain, things look pretty clean and neat.  If you have a chance, we invite you to come out this weekend and take a walk in the vines.  This Fri. The concert is the Beatles tribute band Crossing Abbey Road while Sat. Band is Trace Morgan.  The concerts syart at 6:00 and the food trucks will be serving up some great food.  Fri is also Teacher and Med Center appreciation night so employees just need to show their badges to get a free tasting of 5 wines.  Hope you can join us under the stars.

Craig CasselComment