Pruning in the Spring

Today is the last day of our Winter-Spring pruning in the vineyard. This weekend, guests will be able to enjoy a beautiful view of perfectly manicured vines eagerly awaiting the spring showers and sunshine.  It's hard to believe I was just paniced 2 1/2 weeks ago when we got slammed with 16" of snow in the middle of our work.


Thanks to the work from my crew of dedicated workers, we are almost done.  In celebration, we plan to have a cookout tonight after the last vine is pruned.  It won' suprise anyone when I tell you the vines will be roasted over a fire fueled with grapevine trimmings.  Nothing tastes quite as good as grapevine smoked burgers after completing a job that took several months. 


Next week, we open the vineyard to visitors during our 4th annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt.  Lets hope the weather continues to het warmer and we don't see a return of any freezing temperatures.

2017 - New Season and New Wine

      It's almost time to start our new season at Cassel Vineyards of Hershey.  Come out and visit us this weekend for a chance to taste some of our new wines.  Here is what you have to look forward to.


      The 6 new wines we will release on our opening weekend this Saturday, March 25th and 26th include:  Strawberry, Peaches and Honey, Vidal Blanc Dry, Winner's Circle White, Niagara and Homestretch Red Semi-dry.

    We think everyone will be able to find at least something they can enjoy in our new releases but if not, there is always our standard wine list with everyone's old favorites.  Our complete list includes Chardonnay (stainless steel and oaked), Finish Line White, Vidal Blanc Semi-sweet, and Late Harvest Vidal Blanc for our whites.  Our Rose wines include Cab Franc Rose', Red Silks Rose' and Blush and our red wines include our Chambourcin, Cab Franc, Winners Circle, Winners Circle Reserve, Finish Line Red, Concord and our Chocolate Port and Ruby Royale Ports.  Like I said, with our expanded tasting card and display area, everyone should find something to fit their tastes. 

   Hope you can make it out to visit us soon and try our new wines.

Almost Ready to Open

     Well, its that time of year, our storage room is almost empty and our production room is packed to the roof.  March is our transition month.  We plan to open on March 25 and 26th to release our new wines and celebrate our new vintage.  The French call their premier  Beaujolais nouveau! 

  If you want to stop by and try our new wines, March 25 or 26 th would be a great weekend to stop by.  We are providing a free tasting of 5 wines for anyone who buys a bottle or more.  That's a free $5 tasting and samples of our 5 new wines or a taste of our 16 wines from last year. 


Our empty storage room.  Cases of empty bottles line the wall ready to be filled next week. 



Our production room with 6000 gallons of new wine wsiting to be bottled! 

Prepared for Opening

It feels like spring but don't be fooled.  We have been working in the vineyard and nearly have everything pruned and ready for the growing season.  I hope the vines are not fooled into thinking that winter has given up and gone away.  It is still almost a month until the calendar says it is Spring. 


   According to the website, we will open on March 25 & 26 and offer free tastings with your purchase on our first weekend. 

   The website also shows our entire music calendar including both Fri. and Sat.  night performances.  It looks like a great Summer to make Cassel Vineyards your place to meet friends and listen to music.  Hope to see you there when the weather stays warm.

Filling Barrels

   The year keeps rolling on and we continue to prepare for our bottling and re-opening on March 25 . 


We spent the last 2 weeks emptying, refilling and blending our red wines from barrels in the back room.  It always seems like too much work when we could just go through less hassle by keeping the wine in stainless steel tanks and dumping oak chips in.  Then I taste the wine and realize what a great product it has become.  The barrels defenitely concentrate the wines and contribute their own subtle tastes.

   I look forward to tasting our new wines this Spring and hope everyone who reads this will remember to ask about our new reds that we are working hard to get into their bottles. 


3d Annual Hummelstown Winter Fling

   Ready or not, here comes the The Hummelstown Winter Fling.  This Friday fom 7-10:00 PM we will be serving some great warm, spiced wine on the square in Hummelstown.  Come out for a sample of our Farm Show record winners and get a few bottles of liquid sunshine to get you through the long, dark days of winter.  Hope to see you there!



Winter Barrel Tasting


   Yesterday we took 375 ml. Samples from all of our French Oak Barrels to test their quality.  This year we aged 32 barrels of wine for 12 months and 2 barrels for 24 months.  The results are always quite remarkable as we learn to identify the subtle differences between barrels, yeasts, wines and finishes.  Looking at the finished products in each of our 2015 vintage barrels allows us to blend and finish our bottling before we begin to focus on our 2016 vintage.

   We think you will be very happy with the results from our recent samples.  We are still discussing what the finished products will become.  At this point we know there will be Winners Circle Red and Winners Circle Reserve along with our Ruby Royal, Chocolate Ruby Port and varietals of both 2015 Chambourcin and Cab Franc.  There may also be a suprise in the making. 

  We will retire some of our barrels and they have already been sold to Tattered Flag Distillery and Brewery in Middletown for use as aging vessels for their sour beers and other brewery/distillery products.  Its a pretty exciting proposal as we find yet another niche in the new laws of the commonwealth to share our wine  with beer, and liquor drinkers.

  Both Tattered Flag Distillery and Evergrain Brewery are selling our wine very successfully.  Its a great way to grow together.  

PA Farm Show Results

  Thanks to everyone who stopped by at the 101st annual PA State Farm Show. We had a great time selling wine on Sat. and Sun.  So many new and old friends stopped by to try wine and say hello!  It was a lot of work but worth every minute. 

    We were able to enjoy the awards ceremony and ate some great food prepared by a former White House Chef that he prepared with our Stainless Steel Chardonnay. It has been a very busy week and we continue to prepare our wines for release this Spring when we reopen on March 25th.   

   I will continue to update this blog and monitor the Facebook page so feel free to comment or post while we are closed.   

 Chef Moelller created a delicious crem of mushroom soup to go with our Chard. 

Chef Moelller created a delicious crem of mushroom soup to go with our Chard. 

 Wine sales were brisk from 9-9:00 on Fri. and 11-9:00 on Sun. 

Wine sales were brisk from 9-9:00 on Fri. and 11-9:00 on Sun. 

 Our medals after the awards ended up being 9 medals for 10 entries! 

Our medals after the awards ended up being 9 medals for 10 entries! 

PA Farm Show Jan. 7&8

We are waiting to see you this year at the PA Farm Show on Sat. & Sun. Jan. 7 & 8!  We will have lots of our wines and free samples along with a show special on Peach and Honey wine (2 bottles for $20)! 

   Come and join us on Sat. as we receive our awards for our 10 favorite wines which we entered in the show.  These wines will be on display in the wine showcase all week so you can check us out even if we are not selling wine. 

  Hope to see you there!