Love Our Wine, Enjoy Our Family

     It has been a wonderful Spring and Summer at the vineyard so far this year.  If you have not had a chance to stop by, there is no time like the present.  This week I caught up with one of our tasting room staff and taped this short video of her favorite wine.  Ellen has been helping us out for several years and you have probably met her if you are a regular customer.  Just like so many of our friends and family, she has a particular wine and memories that she associates with her enjoyment of that particular wine.   

    We are gearing up for the fall harvest and invite you to follow us on facebook and take part in one of our harvest parties.  Just like Ellen, you may associate your picking, tasting the juice and drinking the wine experience into a favorite memory!  We hope everyone can experience and appreciate the love, care and hard work that go into growing, picking and producing each of our favorite wines.


A Hive of Activity at Cassel Vineyards

This week we had a sweet time at the vineyard.  We harvested and bottled about 150 pounds of honey straight from Dad, Mom  and Chris’ Vineyard hives.  All year long these bees work to pollinate the flowers and fruit in amile or two radius of our 7 hives.  Dad plants pollinator fields of buckwheat. Clover and sunflowers to help fill the hives with the honey we sell in the tasting room and use to craft our Peach and honey wine.  

  The honey began flying out the door on Saturday before the crew were finished with the bottling.  Come by and get some of your own sweet reward. This Spring honey is mostly a golden, clover honey and it tastes delicious.  It is all natural, and has all our local pollens to help your immune system to reduce your allergic reaction.  This is the natural antidote to congestion, allergies and sneezing. Get it while you can.



Taste of Hummelstown


For the 6th year in a row, Cassel Vineyards made an appearance at the Taste of Hummelstown.  We always have a nice time meeting our friends and neighbors from the boro.  Thanks to Nadine, Elliot and Dave for organizing and executing our stay at the table on the square.  Hopefully everyone enjoyed their taste of sangria.  Hopefully more of our neighbors in town will drop by on Fri. or Sat. for our concerts amd a bottle of wine or cider.  It was a pleasure as usual.


Chopper Ride Over Farm and Vineyard

Check it out to see a birds-eye-view of Cassel Brookside Farms, Cassel Vineyards, Hershey and Milton Hershey.  Chris and Jody got a helecopter ride as part of a wedding reception gov that was held at the winery.  It was a beautiful sunny day and the view was incredible from the sky as they circled a roughly 5 mile radius.  Check it out.  Maybe next time they will invite us. 

Vineyard at its Finest

      We are looking forward to some great music and food this weekend 6:00-8:30PM.  Fri. begins with Soulhouse playing some great dance cover songs accompanied by food provided by Grappling Crab and Roxy’s Chatterbox Cafe.  Sat. Features John Ribera along with Blazing Swine BBQ and Shreddrrz.  

    Stop by this weekend to see our vineyard and stay for some amazing music and food.  A walk in the vines showcases the hard work we put into growing some of the finest grapes in the world.  Our sons Lee, Elliot and Colton have really taken to their jobs as vineyard managers. This year they finished planting our full block of 300 Tremanette vines.  They have worked tirelessly, thinning shoots, training vines and maintaining the ground under the vines.  Things are looking great!


Concerts at Cassel Vineyards

Music at Cassel Vineyards has begun every Friday and Saturday night from 6:00-8:30 featuring some of the best local bands and talent and 2 food trucks each night.  What a wild and fun opening to our Summer Music in the Vines series.  I have included 1 picture and 1 video from our opening shows and a third from the Dauphin County Music and Wine Festival where we were in attendance selling wine to the concert attendees.  The days have been warm and sunny and our guests have been enjoying themselves as they lounge, listen and sip.  If you have not visited us, there is still time to bring your chair and enjoy a show.  We have some great music and two food trucks at every Fri. and Sat. show. Check out our schedule and plan on joining us HERE

Music during sound checks at Harrisburg’s Wine and Music Festival at Fort Hunter. 


The crowd for our Music in the Vines

Sound check by Troubadour Lights at Music in the Vines. 

Full Bloom

Our vines are now half in full bloom (cab franc, chambourcin and chardonnay) and half just beginning to open (vidal blanc, traminette and concord).  The plants now need a few dry days with a bit of a breeze to aid with pollination.  All grapes are wind pollinated.  The worst thing that could happen is another week of rain.  Lets hope for sunshine, warm temperatures and blue skies.  Maybe I’m wishing for that just because we have not seen a lot of the sun lately.  Bring it on so the grapes can pollinate.



Love Our Wine, Join Our Family with Nadine’s Tasting Recommendation

  If you have not tried our Homestretch Red this year, do yourself a favor and give it a sip this Spring.  It is amazing what has occured in the bottle while this wine has rested through the winter months.  Nadine hits the mark with her highlights an I hope youget a chance to stop by and give this wine a try sometime soon.  This weekend would be a great opportunity as we host our second annual Preakness Part.  Stop out and see if Justify wins the second jewel of the Triple Crown.  Enjoy a frozen Black-eyed Susan and some delicious Maryland Crabs from Grappling Crab Shack while listening to live music by The SUM.  Visit our event calendar at for all the upcoming events and do yourself a favor, try the Homestretch Red!

Sparkling Cider Release Party May 12-13 - Next Generation Ciders

Here we are starting another season at Cassel Vineyards and celebrating our lives in so many ways.  This weekend, we will host a cider celebration to introduce the 3 ciders that Lee, Elliot and Colton produced this past Fall.  It all began last season when we purchased 60 gallons of cider that the boys wanted to craft into some interesting ciders which we decided to sell from the kegs on draft.  We never anticipated the rave reviews and the customers who returned after drinking our ciders.  One self-professed cider fan from Colorado commented that their ciders were so unique and well made that she wanted to take a few bottles home with her.  Unfortunately, we were not able to bottle any of our ciders last year.

Now, this season the boys had bigger plans as I purchased 200 gallons for each and they tried to replicate the same ciders they made last year on a commercial scale.  The three flavors are Apple Pie, English Apple and Dry Hopped IPA cider.  Each son put his own unique stamp on their blend of gala, granny smith and pink lady apple juice.  Lee used English cider yeast finished with English Breakfast tea and lime juice.  Colton used the same yeast but finished his with all the ingredients in apple pie including cinnamon and caramel.  Elliot used an English Ale Yeast and hopped the final cider with Saaz Czechoslovakian Hops and Glacier Hops.  The three ciders are one of a kind and we bottled them in 22 oz. bottles for $12 each.  You can also get a flight of 3 in 6 oz. portions for $15.  We think you'll enjoy our samples.

This week will be the only time that we will offer 1 oz. samples of the three ciders as an addition to each $5 wine tasting.  We hope you'll come celebrate the release of these wonderful new creations and stay and sip one while the sun shines on the green grass and spring comes to the vineyard.

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